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Chorus & Hymn
Qty Description Key Price
Chorus Music (All Choruses) C $50
Chorus Music (All Choruses) B flat $50
Chorus Music: Volume1 (0-500) E flat $45
Chorus Words: Combined - $10
Hymn Music C $28
Hymn Words - $5
Qty Description Artist/Label $
Everything I Am (EP) Riggs Music $10
From Glory to Glory Vanuatu Saints $15
New Life | Buy: MP3 Meo Family $10
One Day (EP) Lauren & Caleb $8
Tonight (EP) | Buy: iTunes MP3 Benjamin Lee $6
Lamb Of God (EP) | Buy: iTunes MP3 Elmore Enalanga $6
Psalms, Hymns & Spiritual Songs Various $12
Vogue Concert 2014 Various $6
Build on the Rock Soundoctrine $10
Firing Line Soundoctrine $10
Come and Sit A While | Buy: iTunes MP3 Sascha & Ella $10
Cafe Alive Acts Now Media & Arts $10
Nightlife Acts Now Media & Arts $10
Billycart Band Acts Now Media & Arts $10
National Youth Outreach 2001 Revival Fellowship $10
In God's Hands Port Pirie Assembly $10
Tongues Of Fire Port Pirie Assembly $10
Vision Kym Angrave $5
New Jerusalem Paul Rocchi $5
Weatherman Artec Digital $5
Love Lifted Me Round Up $5
Goodbye Artec Digital $5
Who Am I ? Bali RF $2
Live Or Leave? Bali RF $2
Watch & Work? Bali RF $2
Ubatizo Kenya RF $2
Ujumbe Kenya RF $2
Qty Description Author Price
2010 21st Night: Class Of 1956 Prom Night Watch Preview Revival Fellowship $8
100 Years of Revival Canberra $15
Don't Knock Noah, Original Cast Tom Nobel $2
Revival Fellowship Publications
Qty Description Author Price
God Driven Church Pr Jock Duncan $10
Spiritfilled Woman Val Clee $15
Manna from Heaven Cookbook See Samples Various $10
Mind Of Christ Barry Cross $4
Qty Description Medium Price
All Adelaide (Vog, Eliz, Gaw & Wdcrft) Talks in MP3 (2008-2019) USB Stick $80
Bible Study
Qty Description Author Price
As Birds Flying J.M. Stears $8
As Birds Flying A Adams $20
Number In Scripture E.W. Bullinger $26
Witness Of the Stars E.W. Bullinger $26
Great Pyramid, Proof of God GR Riffert $12
Challenge of the Great Pyramid Howard B. Rand $12
The Great Pyramid Decoded E. Raymond Capt $18
We Have a Guardian WB Grant $10
Today, Tomorrow and the Great Beyond John S. Fox $45
A Flood Of Light On the Book Of Revelations John S. Fox $45
Jacob's Pillar - The Stone of Destiny E Raymond Capt $15
Judah's Sceptre & Joseph's Birthright J.H. Allen $26
The Woman and the Leaven Alan Campbell $8
Gods Great Week (Chart) John S. Fox $15
Qty Description Per Unit Price
TRF Pens (1 free pen every 10) 1 $2
Spiritfilled Sticker (colour on clear) 1 $2.50
TRF Logo Sticker (blue on white) 1 50c
TRF Logo Symbol (4 up) (colours) 4 50c
Baptism Cards (New Design) 25 $20
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